COURIER GRAND we will meet Supply Chain Management and Business Support Services to her customers at all times by satisfying their changing needs and continually improving on the quality of service.

We will achieve this by using modern technology and employing highly skilled and well-motivated workforce to ultimately maximize returns to stakeholders.
Courier grand helps shipping lines to reduce their Vessel waiting time, improve space management and ensure quick turn-around time.

Our Vision

To be an investor in the logistics service industry, helping the companies in which we invest create sustainable value and achieve superior returns.

Our Mission

Courier grand is committed to providing first-class messenger services to its customers 24/7 with reasonable rates on a consistent basis. We enable our customers to prosper by delivering their products on time in a professional manner. We will continuously challenge ourselves to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing leading edge solutions to their needs.


Core Values

Customer Focus
Sense or urgency
Team work